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Jane Le Besque
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Artist statement

My work’s focus is on man’s cultural changes and exchanges along the migratory paths of prehistory, history and the contemporary: the paths which developed into trade routes, spiritual paths and, in times of misfortune, exodus roads...; the roads, resembling organic filaments (a recurring motif in my work), that allowed man to develop his art, traditions, language and music... Along these ancient pathways, sometimes stretching across the surface of the Earth, grow the plants that I paint.
I paint what I call “gardens”, intimate elements of the landscape that I hold, when painting, in the palm of my hand. I believe I approach the origins of cultivation, to a time when farmers held seeds, strew them onto the fields and reshaped the landscape.
The gesture of sowing is comparable to my way of painting - from my hand to the paper. The painting, when finished and assembled, transforms the space and becomes a landscape through which the viewer walks.
Along my path, I seek to exchange with poets and musicians, each one with their own vision of the landscape or natural world; and together, to interlace, from each individual work, filaments of sound and colour.